Making the Most of the Summer “Golden Hour”

Late summer is truly the season of the “golden hour,” when buildings and exteriors are bathed in a warm pre-dusk glow. With outdoor photography, it’s generally harder to use artificial lighting to illuminate your subject matter, making you more or less reliant on natural light. With evenings lasting well past 8pm, now is the perfect… Read more »

The best lenses to use for darker rooms

Your hotel is more than just its exterior. Of course, you want the outside to look absolutely fantastic, but a lot goes on inside and if you can capture key moments here, you can give your potential customers an insight into what to expect. For example, many hotels have excellent restaurant and dining facilities so… Read more »

Take a Photo of Someone Else’s Hotel…

A question came up at a networking event recently that got me thinking about how hoteliers could get started taking their own hotel photographs. A guy came up to me and asked how to start. He’d been taking photos of his own hotel and they just didn’t match the quality of his rivals. It was… Read more »

Is Instagram Cheapening Real Photography?

Back in the “olden days” of photography, a good photographer would spend a long time setting up a shot, picking the right filters, adjusting for light and then finally taking a set of photos which he or she wouldn’t actually get to see until a few hours later in the dark room. A professional set-up… Read more »

Three Pieces of Essential equipment for the hotel photographer

If you intend to create your own portfolio of images with which to market your hotel, there are a few pieces  of equipment that many professional hotel photographers see as absolutely essential. They will obviously have more equipment with them than the three I’m about to suggest, but these are seen as the ones they… Read more »

Hotel photographer tips – lighting

Want some great photographs of your hotel? Hopefully the answer to that is “yes” as you’ll have realised that giving your potential customers some superb pictures of your hotel will increase your sales and also help your website rank as these pictures are shared. So with that in mind, we want to help you along… Read more »

So, who are the Marriott hotel photographers?

That’d be us! If you run your own hotel and you want quality photography to help sell your rooms then you need to ensure you hire a company that is trusted by some of the best in the world. Anyone can buy a camera these days, pop up a website and then tout themselves as… Read more »

Swissôtel Selects PhotoWeb to Portray its Natural Swiss Image

London, UK (20 February 2013), PhotoWeb the best-in-class hotel photography, video production & syndication company has been chosen by Swissôtel Hotels & Resorts to create more than 120 virtual tours and still photographs for its hotel websites, enabling its online site visitors to get a true sense of its unique Swiss character and heritage. Independent… Read more »