Capturing the California Dream

California has a mystique. A glamor. Regardless of the town or city they choose to visit, when people book a trip to California…they have certain expectations. And, because it can often be a pricey trip, they do their research and they do it well.

Especially when it comes to accommodations. Where they lay their head at night, the view they take in every morning when they wake, can often make or break an entire trip. That’s why stunning hotel photography is so very crucial to your marketing efforts. Not to mention hotel videography and hotel 360 tours.

Hotel Photography

We have handpicked the most talented, experienced luxury resort photographers to take care of our hospitality clients. They know what visitors expect to see online when it comes to viewing a property (and what they don’t!) With their years of experience and natural eye for composition and light, they innately understand how to showcase your hotel in still images. They really understand how to capture your property’s ‘best angles’ and how to downplay any challenges. After all, they call them luxury resort photographers for a reason! Reach out today and talk to us about how we can help you bring out the beauty of your property with our photography.

Hotel Videography

Zoom in. Fade out. Scan the sunset. Capture that toddler happily splashing in a stunning pool.  Toast the two honeymooners celebrating their wedding over a romantically lit table.

If a picture says a thousand words, then a video speaks millions. Hotel videography can be one of your most powerful marketing tools.  What’s that saying? It’s the closest thing to being there? Our hotel videographers are skilled in replicating the ‘in person’ experience and in many cases, can even enhance it. By allowing your guests to ‘tour’ the property before they arrive, you are increasing your chances of landing that booking and even convincing them to upgrade before they even arrive.

Speaking of tours, we also can supply hotel 360 tours, where the online viewer is in control of the image and can get as close to standing in your hotel without a virtual reality headset! Our exceptionally talented hotel videographers can bring your property to life in ways you never dreamed. Contact us today and find out how we can help you capture the joy on your guests’ face through hotel videography.

Aerial Photography, Drone Photography / Aerial Videography, Drone Videography

What drone photography has done for the industry is nothing short of phenomenal. By being able to launch a drone to capture not only drone photography but also drone videography, we can now enjoy imagery never before seen! By dipping low, drone photography can make any property – any room – seem soaring and grand. By swooping high, drone videography can take viewers on a magic carpet ride and allow them to take in the majesty of your hotel from dizzying heights.  Drone videography can zoom through a crowded room and make the viewer feel like they are rubbing shoulders with luxury. Aerial photography can help them get the lay of the land and showcase outdoor features like pools, fountains, outdoor venues and more. Aerial Videography can afford them a bird’s eye view of your entire property and add a truly Hollywood touch to your property. Contact us today to find out how we can help you bring your hotel to life in ways you never imagined!

Hotel photography of all kinds (drone photography and hotel videography included) are extremely important and worth every bit of the investment. By being able to enhance the ‘real’ first impression of your property – that is, the online impression – you will increase booking and upgrades and attract more first-time visitors than ever before. Contact us today to see how a luxury resort photographer can boost your marketing efforts!