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After the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic resulted in a global shutdown, many industries fell to the wayside and were forced to change the way they had been doing things for years and adapt to the “new normal”. As businesses re-open their doors and travel bans are lifted, millions around the world cannot wait to take a luxury vacation – but how can they book a hotel, resort, or other luxury getaway space without seeing it firsthand? As the leading hospitality photographer in San Diego, PhotoWeb USA is here to provide our expertise for all your hospitality photography needs.

What is the purpose of hotel photography?

Anyone can snap a photo with their camera phone and upload it to the internet, but hotel photography does much more! Hotel photographers combine aspects of commercial, real estate, and interior photography using various lighting options and angels designed to provide an excellent representation of your hotel and the accommodations provided.

Hotel photographers are held to a much higher standard than most as they are responsible for highlighting the businesses’ location, amenities, surrounding attractions, and other crucial marketing strategies. Without excellent marketing of the grounds, hotels are unable to maintain bookings and maintain a profitable status.

Popular services offered by PhotoWeb USA

San Diego hotel photography companies promise many things that they cannot follow through on, however, with PhotoWeb USA you get a wide variety of guaranteed services like:

  • Aerial drone photography services: The use of drone photography has commonly been used to track the progress of new construction jobs, farming efforts, and other things requiring updated progress reports. In the hospitality photography world, aerial photography allows a highly trained photographer to document exciting attractions surrounding your business as well as provide an easy-to-use map for those searching for landmarks to better locate the resort or hotel.
  • Commercial and residential photography: In this day and age, society searches the internet for photos before deciding where to eat, purchasing a new home, or making accommodations for their upcoming vacation. Photos allow potential clients to see the space and visualize if it is a large enough space to meet their individual needs. This type of photography is crucial in selling homes, leasing popular office spaces, and securing bookings for your rentals.
  • 360-degree virtual tours: Have you heard the old saying, “a photo is worth a thousand words”? A 360-degree virtual tour allows potential clients to experience an in-person tour of the space, without leaving the comfort of their own homes. With extensive use of the internet and various social media platforms, virtual tours have become increasingly popular.

What to expect with our highly skilled hotel photographer in San Diego

From pre-production to the delivery of the final product, PhotoWeb USA provides each customer with a personalized experience. Our team will handle the transport and set up of all necessary equipment and organize the photoshoot including styling, lighting, and marketing recommendations. Our team works closely with your marketing team to ensure the message you are looking to send is correctly conveyed and that you are 100 percent satisfied with the final images.

Whether you are looking for staged interior photos of your hotel or resort, aerial footage to provide clients with a bird’s-eye view of your location, or a high-quality virtual tour – our team uses the latest technology to be sure only the highest quality footage is obtained.

After the shoot is completed, your photographer will return to the office to provide editing and retouching as needed to ensure you are delivered with the best available photos and videos.

Why choose PhotoWeb as your San Diego luxury hotel photographer?

Our company was founded in 1998 in Winter Park, Florida by Andrew Meli and David Firestone – two key partners still very active in ensuring the complete satisfaction of each client. With international and domestic office locations, we can help future clients worldwide with their photography and videography needs.

At PhotoWeb USA, we understand the importance placed on key marketing aspects like a 360-degree virtual tour, exceptional photography, and drone footage allowing future customers to get a feel for the layout. Because of this, we strive to provide excellent, individualized service to meet the needs of each customer no matter what! Our team handles the transportation, set up, and takedown of all needed equipment and is ready to bring your space to life through our camera lens.

We have worked closely with world-renowned companies including Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Wyndham Hotel Group, Waldorf Astoria, and the Radisson Hotel Group with ultimate satisfaction.

Customer reviews:

Hilton Hotels & Resorts stated, “I cannot thank our photographer, Robert, and stylist Laurel enough for an incredible experience from beginning to end.  The entire process was seamless- Robert was collaborative and offered creative solutions and views to bring our vision to life. Laurel was the stylist on-site and she also was a joy to work with and was incredibly helpful. The final photos are simply amazing and literally took our entire team’s breath away when we showed our Executive Committee. The quality, lighting, and vibrancy captured in each shot is incredible. I highly recommend PhotoWeb.”

Taj Hotels, Resorts, and Palaces stated, “We chose Photoweb because of the high quality of their work and the reasonable cost”

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