Top Hospitality Photography Tips from The Experts

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, more than 20 million people visit the Dallas area each year. With beautiful botanical gardens, outstanding art museums, and unmatched outdoor attractions it is no wonder why so many people flock here for vacation. In a city as bold and beautiful as Dallas, Texas, your hotel must do all it can to stand out from the leading competitors, after all, there are more than 70,000 hotel rooms available throughout the city.

What is hospitality photography?

The hospitality industry is a broad area of fields of service including lodging, food and beverage services, tourism, travel, and event planning. Hotels and resorts are an intricate part of the hospitality industry as they encompass multiple components of this industry including lodging, theme parks, and on-site food and beverage service.

With the growing fad of the internet, travelers have turned to online travel agents and online booking sites to compare rates quickly and get the best deal. Because of this, guests rely on images that are made available online. As a luxury brand, you do not want to leave your photography to chance with customer photos in reviews. Hotels must invest in Dallas hotel photography companies to ensure top-quality images are available and used to attract future guests.

Hospitality photography is designed to capture the essence of your hotel, tell the story of your brand without using words, showcase the unique architecture, and allow guests to get a feel of the many amenities available. This area of photography is best left in the hands of a skilled luxury hotel photographer as they are trained in multiple areas of photography to produce beautiful work of the entire space.

PhotoWeb tips to increase bookings

As the Dallas hospitality industry is continually growing each day, hotel brands cannot leave their business bookings to chance. If your presence online appears in disarray or outdated, travelers are less likely to book with your resort as they do not want to risk having their vacation plans ruined. Your website is often the first impression customers have of your property therefore constantly updating your content and photos to keep up with the latest trends will entice travelers and attract them to your beautiful hotel.

Incentivize direct bookings

As the internet became increasingly popular, online travel agents began appearing creating websites where travelers could compare the rates of multiple hotels at once. People began completing much of their travel accommodations through these OTAs as they were given a better deal, however, for hotels this meant sharing profits with a 3rd party player. Offering rewards, a free meal, or discounted spa packages to those who book directly through your website reduces profit sharing with the middleman.

Update your presence online

Trends are changing daily, and the hospitality industry must continually change to keep up with the new fads. When booking online, guests do not want to see photos or videos from years before, they want current, updated imagery that shows the hotel how it will be during their stay.

Invest in accredited hotel photography companies

All images of your hotel that are posted online do not have to be professionally captured to boost ratings, however, many high-end hotel brands understand the importance of having a professional Dallas hotel photographer capture beautiful, timeless images of their property. Travelers looking to book lodging accommodations for their upcoming vacation, whether they are looking at a hotel’s direct site or an online travel site, look at two things: price and photos. Quality images posted to various online sites increase the chance of guests booking with your hotel, even if the price is a bit higher than others.

How can PhotoWeb increase bookings?

Professional photographers are often skilled in one to two niches, however, the photographers at PhotoWeb are well-versed in multiple photography areas including architectural hotel photography, lifestyle, commercial and real estate, and aerial and drone photography services. Because we work with some of the world’s largest hotel brands, we strive to provide an all-inclusive photography and videography service list meaning we are also trained in video production and 360-degree virtual tours to truly bring your property to life.

PhotoWeb has been personally selected to work together with many of the world’s largest hotel brands including the Waldorf Astoria, Hilton, and White Lodging. Our team has produced more than one million images in our 24 years of service for top brands around the world.

PhotoWeb ensures photoshoots are scheduled quickly and delivered on time, within 7-10 days, with unlimited edits and photo rights. With a quick turnaround and no travel fees, no hotel photography companies near Dallas can compare.