Astounding Hotel Photography in Austin, Texas

The hospitality industry is booming with businesses from hotels, and resorts, to air BNBs. As a hotel owner, you want your brand to stand out so you can rise above the leading competitors. With an area as large as Austin, it can seem nearly impossible to become the go-to hotel, however, many things can be done to help you stand out from those around you.

What travelers look for when booking hotel accommodations

Recent studies have shown the number one thing people making travel accommodations are looking at is the price of the hotel. We all want a good deal and with so many online booking sites, we are comfortable spending extra time to get the deal we are looking for.

The second most important thing travelers take into consideration is how the hotel is presented through the images available online. Do your marketing images leave guests second-guessing their considerations to book with you or leave them with an uneasy feeling? Why would a traveler risk their vacation on a hotel with low-quality images when the resort next door took the time to invest in their brand? They would not.

Investing in your brand gives you the best chance of leaving a lasting first impression on future guests and makes them want to stay with you for their current and future travel needs.

How an Austin luxury hotel photographer prepares for a shoot

Photographing an area seems simple enough, right? An Austin hospitality photographer is responsible for combining several photography specialties to create beautiful, unique images of the many amenities and areas of a resort, however, their work cannot begin without a bit of prep.

The most important part of preparing your hotel to be photographed is to gather a list of the specific areas required to be captured as well as the areas that are a “backup”. In the days leading up to the shoot, gather the staff that will be on location during the shoot, so they know what to expect and what their role might be during the process.

Ensure that you have blocked off specific areas such as guest rooms and luxury suites and create an itinerary that allows guests to know when public spaces will be closed including pools and spas, the gym, and any other on-site amenities, dining, or bar areas you wish to include.

Prepare guest rooms and luxury suites

Guests visiting your luxury hotel are interested in the amenities offered and on-site dining, however, they are especially interested in the rooms in which they will be assigned. Using a skilled Austin hospitality photographer to capture the relaxing essence within these rooms allows guests to get a feel for the space and determine if the room will meet their needs. Do not forget the small details like capturing upgraded furniture, and televisions, or showing the kitchen area within the room where available. Ensure the room is clean, towels are stocked, and the bed is made before the photographer arrives to minimize interruptions.

Stage dining areas

Do you offer on-site dining options? This is an important aspect to include in marketing photography as guests are more likely to book a resort that is all-inclusive or that offers the option of not having to travel for meals when they do not want to. Set a table to accommodate 2-4 guests with all the necessary items for dining and capture top-notch photographs of the most popular appetizers, meals, sides, desserts, and beverages. Some brands choose to photograph guests while dining as this is an excellent way to show future visitors the atmosphere.

Allow time for amenities to be captured

The choice to photograph areas like pools, the spa, or gym with or without guests is up to you, however, if you choose to capture these areas distraction-free, you must convey this message to guests by placing signs or having staff keep guests out while the photographer is working. Preparing beforehand and knowing what you want allows for minimal downtime for these areas.

How PhotoWeb has changed the hospitality industry

For more than 20 years, PhotoWeb has been marked as the leading hotel photography company around the world with foreign and domestic offices. The PhotoWeb team specializes in the hospitality photography industry, meaning our photographers are well-versed in several areas including architectural, lifestyle, and commercial photography as well as aerial drone photography service and video production.

Co-owners David Firestone and Andrew Meli set out to accomplish one goal – becoming the top hotel photography company in the world. With the countless high-end brands, like Hilton and Wyndham, supporting us, we have achieved this and so much more!