How Professional Hotel Photography Can Boost Bookings

Tampa, located along the gulf coast, has been named one of the top tourist locations in Florida with more than 20 million visitors each year. The beautiful museums and cultural offerings attract visitors from all around the world! In such a busy city, you want your resort to stand out from the competition and a luxury hotel photographer can do just that! Next to competitive pricing, hotel photography is the most important factor travelers consider when choosing hotel and resort accommodations. By investing in hotel photography companies, you provide future customers with reasons to choose your hotel over others and helps your property become the most loved hotel in the area!

Areas your Tampa hotel photographer should focus on

As an owner, marketing specialist, or brand ambassador you have complete control over your marketing looks allowing you to portray your hotel in the best light. While this is an excellent way to entice travelers to book with you, a Tampa hospitality photographer is responsible for showcasing your property in the best light without being “too much”.

Areas to showcase through professional photographs include:

Guest rooms

Perhaps the most important area to focus photography efforts on are the rooms guests will be staying in. Showcase all rooms from the basic rooms to luxury rooms and suites. Ensure each room is photographed in natural light and that guests can see a clean, beautiful living space. Include upgraded televisions, faucets, a balcony, or a jacuzzi tub where available.

Conference and/or meeting rooms

Does your hotel offer a beautiful conference space where large groups or business guests can gather for meetings, training, or other events? By focusing photography efforts on this space, you can gain business from large corporations looking to hold a company-wide meeting, event planners on the hunt for the perfect space for weddings, birthdays, or other gatherings, or someone looking to book a private room. It is important to stage the area for photographs.

Dining areas

Guests traveling for work or leisure find all-inclusive resorts more convenient as they do not have to travel for delicious food or beverages. If your location offers dining services be sure to highlight these areas including various photographs of the space, food and drink options, and menu photographs.


People looking into travel accommodations love to know what they are purchasing. Though you can simply state through text the amenities offered such as pools, hot tubs, saunas, a gym or spa, valet parking, or other things to make their stay more enjoyable, including photographs of these areas allows guests to see the space for themselves allowing them to make an informed decision and ensuring there is no “let down” upon arrival.

Local attractions

Is your property located near unique shops, beautiful art, museums, or a delicious eatery? While travelers want to enjoy the beautiful resort they are staying at, they also want to enjoy local culture so be sure to include surrounding places or attractions within walking distance that guests can easily visit!

What do Tampa hotel photography companies offer?

Taking a photograph seems simple enough, why is there a need to spend money on a professional? Hotel photographers in the Orlando area offer much more than just an image. A luxury hotel photographer is responsible for bringing the image and brand of your business to life with specialized photography equipment and specific lighting and angles.

Remember, the Tampa hotel photographer of your choice is there for you. They are available to offer expert advice on which areas to include versus areas of less importance that can be left out, make suggestions on staging and lighting certain spaces, or can simply follow your requested shoot list to ensure complete satisfaction.

You should be sure to ask questions before committing to a company so that you understand what is included in pricing, how long the photographer will be available to you, and an estimated turnaround time once the shoot has been completed.

How PhotoWeb has changed the hospitality photography game

As a photography company specializing in the hospitality industry, the team at PhotoWeb USA has worked with many high-end brands around the world to bring beautiful campaigns and marketing photographs to life including Hilton Resorts, Marriott, and Embassy Suites. We use various images to tell the story of a building and company while highlighting the beautiful architectural aspects as well.

Our highly trained photographers travel all around the world, however, we do not add hidden travel fees into our pricing. When appropriate, we ask that complimentary accommodation to be provided. Our pricing is all-inclusive to include a pre-shoot checklist, the shoot, and unlimited rights to photographs as well as unlimited editing with the first review available within 7 to 10 days.

We want each customer to walk away with beautiful images that capture the essence of their property while showcasing the amenities offered. Because of this, our photographers are skilled in multiple photography areas including architectural photography, lifestyle, commercial and real estate photography, video production, and drone photography, as well as can create 360-degree virtual tours for an in-person experience.

As an all-inclusive photography company, we look forward to helping you with all of your photography or video marketing needs.