Capturing The Beauty of Your Resort with Orlando Hotel Photography Companies

Located in central Florida, Orlando is home to several theme parks including the famous Walt Disney World, Epcot, and Magic Kingdom and according to recent studies, it is the number one tourist location in the United States with nearly 75 million visitors per year. With so many visitors, luxury hotels and resorts are busier than ever, however, without proper marketing and architectural photography, your business could suffer greatly. Anyone can take a photo – so why do you need to hire a professional?

What is hotel photography?

Hotel photography companies offer a priceless service to various hotels and luxury resorts. Photographing a building may seem simple enough that anyone can do it, however, hotel photography is a true form of art that requires extensive education and experience to master or perfect the skill. A professional photograph must appear natural and effortless while beautifully showcasing the property.

Hotel marketing relies heavily on the exceptional work of a luxury hotel photographer as the photographer is tasked with capturing images, mastering the brand, and telling the story of the building without words.

PhotoWeb tips for choosing the right Orlando hotel photographer

Accredited Orlando hotel photography companies work with one goal in mine – to curate beautiful images of your property. A professional hospitality photographer does not show up for work with a camera phone in hand, they come ready to work with high-end cameras, multiple lens options for different angles and lighting, and a skill that they have spent countless hours perfecting. But what else should you consider when looking for an Orlando hospitality photographer?

  • Determine your budget and find a photographer that fits within it. Exceptional hotel photography is worth the investment; however, it is important that you stick to the budget you have set.
  • Ask what is included in the price. Once you have found a hotel photographer that seems to be the perfect fit, you do not want to be blindsided by additional costs at the end. Ensure you understand if editing, retouching, and how many delivered images are included.
  • Understand who has the rights to photographs. When entering a contract to work with a hospitality photographer, you must clearly define who owns the rights to the final images. When you own the rights to images to provided, you can use them freely without legal consequence.

The difference in photographing a luxury hotel

Hotel photography companies are tasked with multiple jobs including capturing the emotion and story of a brand along with the exterior, interior, and surroundings of the property. A resort photographer must be skilled in multiple areas of photography including architectural photography, lifestyle, and commercial photography combined. The photographer works together with the client to understand the client’s brand vision so they can begin capturing the character and beauty of the location.

A luxury hotel photographer must capture:

The exterior

The outside of your property provides guests with a first impression as it is the first thing they see as they drive up. Is your resort lined with beautiful trees? Maybe you offer a garden area to relax or an outdoor spa unlike any other? Ensure your photographer captures these areas that allow your property to stand out from competitors.

The details

Guests often look into the details offered by luxury hotels which is why your chosen photographer must emphasize the beautiful details throughout your property. Include various areas including common lounge areas, the dining space, pool or spa, and the rooms. Guest rooms are often the main attraction to visitors so capturing the feel of the room is important.

The staff

People looking into luxury travel accommodations are interested in the available guest services to make their stay more enjoyable. If you offer things like room service, concierge services, or other accommodations ensure your photographer captures some action shots with your staff’s smiling faces. A skilled photographer should capture the professionalism and positive energy offered to draw attention to the wonderful amenities.

The story

Perhaps the most important aspect of hotel photography is being able to tell the story of your property. A professional hospitality photographer should be able to communicate the elegance and glamour of your brand while capturing the unique mood and beautiful details. There should be shots captured with models and without as guests often like to see a clean, clear space.

PhotoWeb USA can bring your vision to life

At PhotoWeb, we have worked closely with many high-end brands to produce beautiful images that capture the essence and luxurious amenities offered. Our team works closely with your marketing team to provide individualized service with unmatched customer service and photo quality.

Why enlist the help of multiple agencies when you do not have to? Our photographers have worked with many outstanding brands including White Lodging, Hyatt, and many Hilton locations. We specialize in hospitality photography, but what does this mean? It means we offer a variety of services including architectural photography, lifestyle commercial, and real estate photography, drone services, and video production.

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