What Is Hospitality Photography?

The state of Florida welcomes more than 100 million visitors each year with guests driving in and flying from all around the world to experience the white sand beaches of Miami, the nightlife of Key West, and family fun offered at Walt Disney World resort. With so many things to do and places to visit in this beautiful state, the luxury hotel industry is booming! While this is great for many hotel owners, marketing is crucial to make these resorts stand out from competitors to secure bookings year-round. So, what exactly should these luxury resorts be looking for in a hospitality photographer?

What is a hospitality photographer?

The hospitality industry is a broad group of services offered by various companies that include food and drink services at restaurants and bars, theme parks, travel and tourism, hotels and resorts, and event planning through tourism agencies. Each area of the hospitality industry relies on successful marketing strategies including the use of photographs to attract future customers.

As a restaurant or bar owner, you rely on images of the food and drinks offered by your business to attract and entice customers to visit your establishment. Similarly, luxury hotels and resorts rely on bookings secured through incredibly high-quality photographs – but who should be taking these photos?

A luxury hotel photographer should be skilled in many areas including the ability to capture and convey the experience offered by the resort. They must be able to capture exceptional photographs of rooms, public spaces (with or without guests in these areas), and guest rooms. To capture these various areas successfully, a hospitality photographer must be skilled in multiple niches including architectural photography, food and beverage, lifestyle photography, and videography should you wish to include these in your marketing.

Unlike the real estate industry, the hospitality industry is selling an experience rather than a physical room or piece of property. A skilled Florida hotel photographer is responsible for selling the experience that your resort offers creating a strong desire within the person viewing your website to visit. By creating a calming, pleasant atmosphere conveying a sense of tranquility through photos of your state-of-the-art spa, people are quicker to book their stay with your resort as they can see themselves relaxing and enjoying the space.

What to expect from my resort photographer?

Have you found yourself searching for what a hotel photographer near you can do to boost your business? It is important to understand that while the main role of a hospitality photographer is to provide images that perfectly convey the essence of your space and what it has to offer at its best, they are not there to convey a false image that will leave customers disappointed with their stay. Many luxury resorts offer similar amenities like 5-star bars and restaurants, top-of-the-line spa packages, and beautiful pools which is where a hospitality photographer is tasked with making your resort stand out from the rest.

How does PhotoWeb differ from competitors?

A skilled hospitality photographer must be able to transition from working with various luxury hotel brands ranging from modern architectural structures to beautiful, historic hotels. At PhotoWeb USA, we work with a variety of high-class brands – each with different visions that have been successfully brought to life.

Our team begins by getting to know you and your property to better understand the image you wish to convey as well as to determine various angles and lighting strategies to allow for space optimization. The photography team selected to handle the job will work closely with your marketing team to ensure all parties understand the desired outcome of the photographs. During the beginning stages, we ask that you create a list containing all shots that are required to be captured during the shoot as well as setting time restraints to block guest rooms, conference rooms, the gym and spa, and other areas that must be photographed. Yes, people and unwanted objects can be edited out of photographs, however, why risk ruining a perfect shot when you do not have to? Preparing these areas before our arrival helps to cut down on shoot times (meaning less downtime for these popular areas!).

Working with PhotoWeb USA ensures you will receive high-quality photographs ready to review within 7 to 10 days after wrapping up the shoot. Our all-inclusive pricing includes unlimited editing, a quick turnaround time, and unlimited rights to photographs. Our photographers travel all over to better assist hotel brands worldwide with no additional travel expenses; however, we do ask for complimentary room and board and food and beverage services when available.

As a top-rated hotel photography company, we have been fortunate enough to work with many luxury brands around the world like Hilton, Le Royal Monceau, and Diplomat resort, and look forward to working alongside you too.