The Power of Luxury Hotel Photographers in Colorado

Thousands of people find themselves visiting Colorado year-round for many reasons whether it be for a family vacation, eloping with their significant other, or simply just to get away for a few days. No matter the reason for visiting this beautiful state, travelers will need a hotel or resort to stay in. A luxury hotel photographer can help bring your space to life through detailed, well-thought-out images allowing guests to see themselves in the space before booking. So what can Colorado hotel photography companies do for you?

First impressions are made through images found online

Have you ever been so excited to meet someone new only to be left disappointed? That is what guests feel when they visit a website that feels anything but extraordinary. Without a luxury hotel photographer, guests are left disappointed in the mediocre photographs of your hotel and are more likely to book their stay with a better-advertised brand.

The hospitality industry thrives on first impressions to ensure and secure bookings. Leaving your marketing needs to a photographer that is not skilled in the hospitality industry can leave customers wary of the elegance you claim to offer.

Images are the key to success

Current research suggests nearly 80 percent of all hotel reservations are made through an online source, whether it be directly booking through the hotel’s website or a third-party booking site. No matter the source, it is crucial to have professional imagery of what your resort has to offer as the mind is a visual bank with up to 90 percent of information being absorbed through photographs and visual aids.

Quality photographs help you to get ahead of competitors

Planning the perfect vacation brings about increased stress and anxiety for those scouring the internet only to be met with half-hearted interior photographs. With technology on the rise, marketing teams have turned to 3-D virtual tours allowing future guests to get an “in-person” feel of the space without visiting making it easier than ever for clients to comfortably book their stay with your hotel.

Hiring a professional photographer that is skilled in the hotel, resort, and hospitality industry are key in securing online bookings. Through aerial drone photography services, virtual tours, and profound imagery, a Colorado luxury hotel photographer can turn your booking site from drab to fab in minutes highlighting key elements through eye-catching interior photographs as well as the attractions, amenities, and high-class food and beverages offered.

The PhotoWeb USA experience

At PhotoWeb USA, we specialize in the hospitality industry and have photographed world-renowned locations like Hilton resorts and Waldorf Astoria locations. We often have clients ask what advantages are offered by having exceptional photographs of their hotel which is often answered with a question in return. “What do you look for when booking an online reservation?” With a few moments to ponder they realize photographs are the first thing, they view to get a “first impression” of the resort to determine if it seems worth booking.

President and CEO Andrew Meli, alongside Vice President David Firestone, founded PhotoWeb USA in 1998 with nothing more than a dream. The dynamic duo has gone on to curate one of the world’s most sought-after hospitality photography companies headquartered in Pueblo, Colorado with offices around the globe!

The PhotoWeb team has undergone extensive training and regularly attends continuing education workshops to better understand how to capture the timeless features of your property. They can determine which elements are crucial to photograph, how to achieve the perfect angle, as well as which compositions are less important. Our team offers many services including:

  • Architectural hotel photography
  • Lifestyle photography
  • Video Production
  • 360-degree virtual tours
  • Aerial and drone photography services
  • Commercial and real estate photography

Working with PhotoWeb USA comes with many perks that competitors cannot offer such as:

  • No travel fees regardless of the desired shoot location
  • Pre-shoot preparation list
  • Unlimited rights to all images provided
  • Unlimited photo and video edits
  • Images ready within 7 to 10 days delivered via Dropbox

Though our team does not require travel fees to be paid, we do ask that complimentary accommodation including food and drinks are provided when available. Once you have made the plunge and chosen to work with one of our Colorado hotel photographers for your property, we will work closely with your marketing team, listening to all suggestions and providing input where needed to ensure complete satisfaction with the images you will receive.

Our services are offered worldwide to better serve all current and future clientele. Are you still experiencing hesitation as to if our company is suited for you? Read what our past client has to say regarding her experience:

White Lodging Vice President – “We lucked out with PhotoWeb. It’s one thing to have the quality (they do), the professionalism (always), and flexibility to work around our timelines/deadlines and budgets (impressive); but Photoweb handles our working relationship with true sincerity and genuine care. They have become an integral part of our marketing efforts over the past 5 years and consider the entire team a true extension of ours.”

Our team can be reached directly by calling +1 (719) 598-4800.