The value of hiring a professional hotel and resort photographer

In this blog, we provide a lot of tips and techniques that can help you create your own hotel photography and we do that with two reasons in mind.

The first is that we know that running a hotel can be difficult, and it’s certainly expensive. Getting your own photography done is one way of cutting costs a little bit.

The second is that many of you are probably really good photographers anyway, and maybe just need a bit of help on some of the finer points.

But obviously, we are professional photographers and our art, business and reason for being here is that we want hotels to hire us to do our job.

So if you can do it yourself, what’s the point of hiring a professional to do your hotel photography?


We don’t run hotels, although we understand how hotels are run.

We’ve been taking photos of hotels for years, and this vast experience means that we have the ability to see things that hotel owners can’t.

Sometimes they’re things that the owner would rather us not see, but trust us, if we see it, then your visitors will, so it’s best to find out about it now!

But there are many other advantages to hiring a professional.

All the right equipment

Through all these years of photographing hotels around the world, we’ve built up the tools we need to make sure we can get the job done, wherever we happen to be.

Knowing which lenses, camera and lighting to use is a key part of the job, and the wrong equipment can make even the most picturesque part of your hotel look terrible.

That doesn’t happen when you have a professional photographer there with all the right kit.

And of course, lighting levels change, sometimes within minutes, but you still need the shot – we make sure we can get it.

Seeing what you can’t

You will hopefully be very fond of your hotel, and you’ve probably been there for years and know every nook and cranny. However, that means you’ll probably miss things that we won’t.

We’ll know which angles to get the best lighting to bring out the best in your rooms, to highlight areas of the gardens that you’ve missed and to make the best of places you thought were best forgotten.

Our years of experience will allow us to find shots that you will miss.

Bringing the best out of your team

Your team is arguably the most important part of your hotel.

They’re what makes it tick, keep the clientele happy and ensure people come back for more, so it’s important that they’re front and centre of your photographs.

But they can be hard to get in front of a camera, especially if you’re the one asking!

We know how to get the best out of them, and we’ll do that and make sure that everyone knows what a great bunch of people are running your hotel.

After-sales and backup

And of course, we have all the experience of being able to enhance, crop and present your photographs for the exact medium needed.

Often the post-processing of images to ensure they’re absolutely perfect for web or print takes longer than getting the shots themselves.

So get it right first time!

Paying for a professional may seem like an necessary expense, but the benefits can be huge.

The better your hotel looks online or in your brochures, the more chance you have of people booking with you, and so the financial rewards can be many-fold.


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