Why your photography doesn’t have to focus on your hotel

hotel horse photography

There’s probably a very obvious reason why people come to your hotel. It could be the scenery, the incredible beaches or its access to airports and ferry ports.

Whatever it is, it’s worthwhile finding out what those reasons are and creating a story to highlight them on your website.

Even though we talk a lot about hotel photography, and how to help promote your own premises, if people are coming to you to visit the beach, why not make a feature of that?

Some hotels and resorts do it well, but not many own the feature.

By “own”, I mean make your website the number one place for information about your local area.

For example, if someone was searching for restaurants or scenic places near you, wouldn’t it be good if your website appeared?

If you can provide that information, together with stunning images to back it up, you can cash in on this and convert people who are just looking for inspiration into paying customers.

So what information should you provide?

The most useful information would be those places that people visiting your hotel are most likely to enjoy on their stay.

If you’re by the coast, for example, you should be taking photos of some of the local beaches (being careful not to get too close to bathers, obviously) and any interesting formations.

Include information (and again, photographs) or places nearby to park, get refreshments, or stock up on sun-cream.

Although this seems like you’re diluting the focus of your website, you are trying to sell hotel rooms, after all, it in fact gives you more authority in the search engines.

What’s more, all of those lovely photos will be associated with the local area and, more importantly, your hotel.

If someone is looking for images of your town and city and they happen across yours, then when they investigate they will be taken to your website where they read your information.

This increase in visitors could even help your website to be found when people are casually searching.

So, become the local hub of information, provide loads of photographs, and yours is the place people will flock to when they need somewhere to stay!

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