Don’t Limit Your Photos to Just Your Hotel Grounds – Go Wider


Why do people visit your hotel? Is it because you have great rooms, superb food and a well-stocked bar?

Maybe it’s because of the staff. Are they courteous and polite?

Well, probably yes, but is that the only reason to visit? Could it be that maybe people are visiting your hotel because they’re interested in the surrounding areas?

Of course it is. People visit you because they want to be in the place where your hotel is and so it makes sense to show them all your surroundings has to offer. So many hotel websites just talk about the rooms, the buildings and the food without considering that people may just be coming to rest their head. Tomorrow they’re probably out on an adventure. Why not show them where to go?

Your website is an ideal place to get lots of information out to your visitors, and it can be a great way to boost traffic, too.

First of all, get some photos taken of the landmarks, streets and shops within a short travelling distance of your hotel. Create a page or pages, that shows these off and explains the history behind them. This is all about the local area so don’t be tempted to write any shameless self-promotion.

As well as local landmarks, explain where people can eat, drink and be entertained. You may well have a restaurant and a bar, but this is all about showing the best in the area around you, so be altruistic and praise others.

You can take this further by linking to websites, showing reviews, etc. The thing is, this might actually get noticed by those other venues. If it does, they may link to you, too and suddenly, without really doing much work, you’re getting free advertising for your website.

By helping other people, you will indirectly help yourself. Your potential customers will see that you offer a lot of useful information. The people you mention on your website will understand that you’re “for the area” and not just in it for yourself. All in all, your website will become information-rich and useful, and this can help your ranking.

After all, Google wants to promote sites that are useful.

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