Taking Great Christmas Light Pictures

I think I’ve said in the past that I’m not the professional photographer on the team, I’m just the enthusiastic amateur and blogger. All of our photographers are out in exotic locations taking awesome shots of hotels. In the warm. While I’m in a cold office in damp England. At least I have chocolate.

So I was sat here thinking about the Christmas lights switch on which happens in our village tonight and I realised that I’d have to take some photos. But How? Well here are some cracking resources I’ve found after a quick search, I’ll be trying out some of these techniques myself.


This site has some tips that work particularly well for buildings that are lit-up.

How to Photograph Christmas Lights

How to Photograph Christmas Lights

Nov. 28, 2014 via wikiHow

Christmas lights are beautiful to behold, and it’s not every day of the year that you get to see them. But how do you capture their beauty…

A Cheat Sheet Ready to Print

This site has a handy print-out and keep cheat sheet, it’s really useful as it gives you pointers on every single setting you need. I find these sort of tips invaluable as they give you the answers but allow you to tweak to your own preference.

Let’s Go Bokeh!

I love the Bokey effect way too much. Seriously, I over use it. But still, here’s a SUPERB set of photos that show how to use it properly.

How about you?

Let us know your tips for taking photos of lights at night!


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