5 Essential Ways Hoteliers should be promoting their business

be-socialSurvey after survey investigating the penetration of types of social posts has shown that images beat other post formats hands down. A good photo will travel the web far quicker than any other type of post and it’s even better if it’s relevant to the page or person that’s posting it.

It’s true that a lot of posts on Facebook that become “viral” involve an animal (usually a cat) in a funny predicament, but even given that, it’s just a lot easier to share images.

So, you’ve got a hotel. It looks nice in the summer. Why not share all those images?

The easiest way to go social

You’re also very busy so I’ll keep this post short and explain very quickly how you can get up and running quickly with your own social media campaign.

  1. Get Instagram
    Yup, get yourself an Instagram account and install the app on your smart phone. It’s really easy to use and it can make even dour, boring pictures look fantastic.
  2. Connect it to Facebook
    An essential step. This means you don’t have to keep cross posting things. One snap and your image is on Instagram and also on Facebook at the same time. If you’re really feeling like pushing the envelope, link it to Twitter, too.
  3. Take photos!
    Don’t be shy, get out there and photograph things as they happen. Got a wedding party arriving? Get snapping. A classic car convention? Fantastic, tell everyone about it via the superb power of images.

    What you’ll find is that those people who are involved, such as members of the classic car club, will be watching your Facebook page and they’ll share the images you post. That’s the way things go viral.

  4. Use the photos in your blog
    Taking the classic car example, why not write about it for your blog? Use the photos to explain what went on during the day – get double the power from your photographs. Then, post this to social media too!
  5. Ask people for photos
    How about you do all of this without any effort! Invite people to send you their photographs and you’ll publish them. Maybe create a gallery on your website and don’t forget to pin them all on Pinterest, too. The more the merrier!

Social media doesn’t have to be hard and if you’ve got the photos already, you’re halfway there!

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