Promoting your videos on YouTube

Many hotels have gone to the trouble of creating a lot of excellent photographs of their hotel and their website is adorned with them on every page. They’ve even got videos and virtual walk-throughs and so you’d think that they’ve done everything they can to promote their website.

But there’s a lot more to do and with just a few simple steps, all of those pictures and videos could be put to a lot more use. Make them work for you and bring lots of visitors from all over the web using social media and you could find your bookings rocket.

In the next few posts we’ll focus on where you can get your images and videos in front of people and maybe attract not only web visitors but also paying guests.



Did you know YouTube was the second biggest search engine on the web? Well it is and it’s where you should be posting lots of videos if you want to get visitors looking around your hotel in the virtual world.

YouTube has become a social networking site in its own right and boasts many millions of users and the great thing is, as it’s owned by Google it seems to get a preference in ranking these days. Sometimes it can be easier to rank a video that a website these days and if you follow these few steps, you might find a video of your hotel is appearing above your competitors.

  • Give the file a relevant name
    Let’s say your hotel is based in Arkansas, simply call one of your videos “hotel in Arkansas.mp4” before you upload it to YouTube.
  • Title
    When it’s uploaded, give it a relevant title such as “Walk around Hotel Grande in Arkansas”. If you’re doing multiple videos, simply name them based on which part of the hotel or what type of video it is.
  • Description
    If you have a person narrating the video (which is a good idea by the way), put the full transcript in the description of your video.
  • Tags
    Finally, give the video some relevant keyword tags such as “hotel Arkansas”, “travel Arkansas”

You’d be amazed at how many people don’t do these pretty simple things and so you’ll find you’ve probably not got much competition.

Next time we’ll be taking a look at Pinterest, one of the fastest growing social networking sites on the Internet.


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