Preparation for a Hotel Video Production

Preparation for a Hotel Video Production

Here are some general preparation notes that most clients find very helpful when planning for the video shoot:

1) Guest Rooms – We usually film these at first thing in the morning or at sunset. The light is usually too harsh at other times of the day. We would normally shoot three room types to feature in the main video – a regular room, a suite, and a penthouse. If you wish to add amenities, please do. Flowers, champagne, fruit plates all add colour, but we need to be careful not to over promise what is not normal practice. Please remove advertising cards, trash cans (rubbish bins), plastic cups and trays, door handle hangers, old telephones, hide wires, check bulbs are the same output and are all working.

2) Meeting Rooms – Please set for VIP meetings. Linens to be crisply ironed. Tables set with pens, pads, glasses, water bottles or carafes, small bowl of sweets looks good and adds colour. Please remove flip charts, rubbish bins. It may look good to set up a breakout with coffees, tea, pastries, juice. If there are no windows, we can film at any time otherwise we would generally avoid harsh daytime light.

3) Ballroom – Some hotels wish for us to film an empty room to show size of space. We feel it looks better if set for a dinner with round tables, full wedding or dinner setting with centre piece, candles, head table, dance floor, please check all bulbs are working. If possible we will film a time-lapse sequence of the room going from empty to fully set-up.

4) Spa – We usually film a member of staff as the guest having a treatment with a therapist performing a massage. Ensure room is spotless with candles for mood.

5) Fitness – Please ensure room is very clean. The best time for this shot varies depending on if there is a window view. Please ensure room is free of guests. Remove rubbish bins, towel baskets, any clutter. We may move weights bench as a good side foreground piece. Colourful sit up balls look good in the shot to add colour to what can sometimes be a bland and grey room. We prefer to switch the machines and televisions off.

6) Outdoor Pool – We prefer to shoot when free of guests. If possible we ask that the pool be closed for roughly 1 hour. Area should be tidy, no water marks on the floor. When sunny is best.

7) Lobby – Too many guests can make the shot untidy. We prefer the shot with front desk staff smartly positioned. The best time is often early morning or early evening, but sometimes a bright daytime shot can look great. Again, remove any advertising collateral.

8) Restaurants – For Breakfast, it is best if the restaurant is free of guests. The perfect scenario is that we set up for breakfast again, immediately after the last guest leaves, at say 10:30 in the morning. This is more work for you guys but if we try to film the area before guests arrive, say 6am, it is too dark outside and it looks a little odd to have breakfast in the dark. For dinner, dusk is usually best with candles lit, tables set perfectly. Again, free of guests is best. Chefs working in kitchen adds drama.

9) Bar – In the evening. Free of guests is best.

10) Front Exterior – Sun front or side facing, not behind the building. A nighttime shot can look good also. Please block some car spaces so there is a clear view of the hotel. Cars can date a shot. Please remove bell carts from front entrance.

11) Local attractions – It is nice to start the video with a few local landmarks or places of interest. This helps place the hotel in it’s environment. We usually devote a morning’s filming to this. All attractions should be within 30 minutes drive of the hotel. We will need a mini-van or similar for the camera equipment and a representative from the hotel to assist us.

12) Staff – We like to feature staff in the some of the sequences to add warmth, personality and emphasise service. We will get them to do simple actions. These may include – A housekeeper turning down a bed, A barman mixing a cocktail, A waiter laying a table, A therapist giving a massage. It is worth thinking about who you would like to feature beforehand and please ensure that all staff are immaculately dressed in correct uniform.

In addition to the main video, we can prepare additional 60 second chapters if you so wish. These chapters would consist of additional footage, not featured in the main video and could have titles such as ‘Rooms & Suites’, ‘Meetings & Events’, ‘Spa’, ‘Bars & Restaurants’. This requires additional filming and editing and does carry additional charges. If this is something that you might be interested in ( for example, you have lots of rooms types here – so that might warrant an additional chapter?)
please liaise with Andrew for a quote.

Hopefully the above gives you a good idea of what is required and when it is best to shoot certain set-ups. On the first morning of the shoot we ask that you take us on a guided tour of the hotel and it is then that we will be able to determine the exact schedule.

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