How to prepare for a Photo-shoot at your hotel

Our hotel clients ask us how they should prepare for a stills & virtual tour photo shoot. The following points are more focused towards architectural and interior photography, not lifestyle, or detail shots. We recommend the following:

1) Guest Rooms – Usually best photographed with natural light and some fill flash bounced from an umbrella. We can include some sunset or sunrise shots as well. Please ensure beds and pillows are crisply ironed. If you wish to add amenities, please do. Flowers, champagne, fruit plates all add colour but we need to be careful not to over promise what is not normal practice. Please remove advertising cards, trash cans (rubbish bins), plastic cups and trays, door handle hangers, old telephones, hide wires, check bulbs are the same output but we will probably switch these for lower power anyway.

2) Meeting Space – Please set for VIP meetings. Linens to be crisply ironed. Tables set with pens, pads, glasses, water bottles or carafes, small bowl of sweets looks good and add colour. Please remove flip charts, rubbish bins. It may look good to set up a breakout with coffees, tea, pastries, juice. If there are no windows, we can photograph at any time and when is suitable for the hotel to set.

3) Ballroom – Some hotels wish for us to photograph an empty room to show size of space. We feel it looks better if set for a dinner with round tables, full wedding or dinner setting with centre piece, candles, head table, dance floor, please check all bulbs are working.

4) Spa – A treatment room looks good and we sometimes photograph a member of staff as the guest with a therapist performing a massage. Ensure room is spotless with candles for mood.

5) Fitness – Please ensure room is very clean. Daytime natural light can look great and add some drama to what can be a grey room. Remove rubbish bins, towel baskets, any other clutter. We may move weights bench as a good side foreground piece. Mobility and sit sit up balls look good in the shot to add colour. TVs to be switched off.

6) Outdoor Pool – We prefer to shoot when free of guests. Area should be tidy, no water marks on the floor. Sunny is best. If there are spot lights, it can look good at sunset too.

7) Indoor Pool – We prefer to shoot when free of guests. Area should be tidy, no water marks on the floor. Too much natural light can be too strong and ruin the shot so I like an early morning or evening shot. It depends on amount and angle.

8) Lobby – Guests can make the shot untidy. We prefer the shot with front desk staff smartly positioned. The best time is often early morning or early evening, but sometimes a bright daytime shot can look great

9) Restaurants – Dawn or dusk usually look best with candles lit, tables set perfectly. Chefs working in kitchen adds drama. Free of guests is best.

10) Bar – In the evening. Free of guests is best. Bottles straightened.

11) Front Exterior – Sun front or side facing, not behind the building. An evening shot with guest room lights switched on in front facing rooms looks great (and busy). Please block some car spaces so there is a clear view of the hotel. Cars can date a shot. Please remove bell carts from front entrance and any rubbish bins with ash trays.

Any questions, please let me know?

Andrew Meli, PhotoWeb


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