WebCam installation & streaming for hotels and resorts worldwide

Our clients wanted us to look at additional ways to generate traffic to their websites whilst highlighting the true atmosphere and beauty of their resorts.

Webcams & Live Video streaming enable you to achieve all of this in real time. Customers can share their holidays with friends back home live, whilst the resort benefits from showing  “a little” part of the real atmosphere of being there.

We offer an enhanced service using the latest technologies, delivering live video from standard IP cameras at up to 30 images per second to viewers across the internet at full screen. Browser support has been widened by using Flash and iOS compatible streaming allowing live webcams to be viewed on a PC, Mac or Linux platforms as well as iPhone, iPad or Android devices.

Our webcam technology does not require an additional encoder on site which reduces your hardware costs significantly over the previous technologies. Using IP cameras with HD and h.264 live image quality has never been better, even in locations where upload speeds are low. The minimum bandwidth upload requirement is just 300Kbps. With most internet connections now providing a minimum of 500Kbps a live streaming webcam can be installed almost anywhere.

What do you get?

  • Live video streaming at 30 frames per second
  • Free configuration and technical support
  • Managed service: we monitor status and take action
  • Unlimited simultaneous viewers*
  • Maximum browser support (Flash)
  • iPad, iPhone and Android support
  • Referrer protection: protect your content
  • Opt-in to be promoted on this website and elsewhere