Photo-Videos for prestigious hotels and the biggest chains

Photoweb hotel photographers create beautiful, fast loading Photo-Videos for some of the most prestigious hotels and the biggest chains. Our Photo-Videos are a hugely popular way of searching for hotels and can be placed on brand sites, 3rd party booking sites and the hugely popular YouTube. PhotoWeb’s Photo-Videos are an inexpensive way of dramatically boosting your visibility. For $795 we can create a 60- to 90-second video from your still images.

This dynamic video places your guests in the picture as if they are there. Starting with an exterior shot they move through the lobby, into the guest rooms, meeting space, restaurants and bar, & leisure facilities. With elegant transitions, creative zooms and pans and on-screen titles, the video leads your guests through the property. The finished video is given a music soundtrack, or for just $350 more we will script and record a custom voice-over describing the on-screen images.

As well as posting on YouTube, providing the links for your brand site, and mailing a hard copy, Photoweb can embed your video into our custom viewer and syndicate it to 30,000 busy travel and booking sites.

  • 60- to 90-second photo-video
  • Created from your own photos or new stills shot by Photoweb
  • Music soundtrack or custom voiceover
  • Image titles for added description
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Example with music (YouTube, opens in new window)
Example with voiceover (YouTube, opens in new window)
As seen in viewer (As seen in PhotoWeb’s Universal Viewer, opens in new window)

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