By using only superior equipment we have far more control over the quality of your imagery.

For video, we shoot with the Canon 5D Mark II, SLR. This has an impressive choice of lenses, providing our videographers the freedom to soften or sharpen a background as they choose, to make interiors and guest rooms wider and more inviting, or to close in on interesting details. These cameras have revolutionised video production and our clients are stunned by the results.

For virtual tours, we again shoot with the Canon 5D Mark II, 21 megapixel, together with a fish-eye lens and rotator. We control the lighting by using a mix of soft natural light and bounce flash, all shot at the right time of day, dawn or dusk.

Our stills are shot using a mix of Hasselblad and Mamiya medium format cameras and the Canon 5D Mark II SLR, with a wide variety of lenses from close-up macros for food and detail, to long, medium or wide lenses for traditional and creative shots.

Having superior equipment provides our commercial photographers with the greatest scope for creativity, making sure your imagery is the highest quality possible, keeping you ahead of the competition.

  • Canon 5D Mark II 21 megapixel SLR or Medium format cameras on all shoots
  • Allows our photographers full scope for artistry & creativity
  • Sharp images even if enlarged to billboard size
  • Wide-angle lenses make room images large and appealing
  • Macro lenses for close ups of detail and food